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Re: Gamer girls can go to #$%&!!!

From: "J. Michael Looney" <mlooney@e...>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 07:56:36 -0600
Subject: Re: Gamer girls can go to #$%&!!!

Alan E & Carmel J Brain wrote:

> > I'll have you know that I married a gamer girl. We've been happily
> > married for 12.5 years. So, you can't write off all "gamer girls."
> I did too, she had her own copy of Panzerblitz.
> We've been married for 17 years.
> She was also my first girlfriend, I had worse experiences than even
> you...

My first wife was a SERIOUS SF fan.  Played any RPG she could get her
hands on.  Started into miniature war gaming later in life, with a pure
gamer outlook.	 She looked at units in the game from a game mechanics
perspective and did not care one whit about what they were supposed to
be in "real life".  Tend to win a lot because of that.	

For those that noticed I said first wife, well, at the time I was in the
Army.  I got out of the barracks and she got a dental plan.  Love had
little to do with it.  We were/are good friends, even to this day.

My second wife, on the other hand, I am in love with.  She plays RPGs,
paints figures and LOVES "Dragon Dice".  Not so hot on tanks and things
like that, but she does paint them.  Sort of odd colors at times, but
given that they are "Evil Empire" 6 mm stuff, that doesn't matter that

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