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Re: Now Dream Pod 9?!?

From: Aaron P Teske <Mithramuse+@C...>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 15:20:56 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Now Dream Pod 9?!?

Excerpts from FT: 26-Feb-98 Re: Now Dream Pod 9?!? by Allan
> I will contend that GenCon is now better for the smaller companies,
> the ones that have difficulty getting into regular game stores.

This is actually one of the reasons DP9 stated for their pulling out:
they *have* game store exposure in most areas (even some in Montana! ^_-
) so it's no longer worth the expense.	A lot of people they saw at
their booth were basicaly just dropping by to chat a bit, maybe pick up
the latest book; but they'd have bought the book anyway, so what's the

Excerpts from FT: 25-Feb-98 Re: Now Dream Pod 9?!? by

>This doesn't make sense to me.  Dream Pod 9 had a VERY good team doing
>of the Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles games, and had full tables at
>event I saw.  The event my friend Seth Connolly participated in was a
>Krieg game (WWII Heavy Gear), and noone in the game had played before.  

That's because Gear Krieg hasn't been released yet. ^_^  Slated for late
this year, assuming RAFM gets the minis out (it won't come out without
minis... unlike Jovian Chronicles).

>He has
>since bought the rules, a few supplements, and at least ten gears (now
>and ready to play).  I was very impressed by what I saw, and if it had
fit in
>with my schedule better, I would've played a game.  I was definitely
>on trying the game out this year, but in addition to not coming, they
are not
>sponsoring any games.	This reduces their games' presence to a few

I'm not sure why they're not sponsoring games; do you need a booth to do
so?  Or else it may be tied in with the SJG boycott, but I really don't

>The exposure gat the biggest gaming convention is worth the money,
>if you can sell products.  Don't most companies (Geohex included) at
least pay
>their costs with direct sales?  

Trouble is, DP9 just does the books... and a lot of the people buying
from them would've bought the books at their local store anyway, so it
wasn't really giving them much more in the way of a profit.

>Maybe the fact that RAFM was selling all the
>miniatures at Gencon last year makes a difference.  If the difference
in booth
>cost was 'only' $200 bucks or so, they could cram the employees into
the rooms
>a little tighter (sleeping bags, anyone?), or drive instead of flying.
>Also, a collectors item Gencon only gear miniature is a great way to
make some
>dough to pay for the booth.  Since I know I'll be into this game
someday, even
>I would buy it.

Well, minis are RAFM, not DP9....

		    Aaron Teske 

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