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Re: Further thoughts on hitting with lasers

From: You naked inside your fear <KOCHTE@s...>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 10:00:59 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Further thoughts on hitting with lasers

>> Radar is far more accurate for targetting/tracking than a telescope.
The narrow
>> field of vision inherent in telescope design make them unsuitable for
this sort
>> of application. Coupling the targetting/tracking system to the weapon
>> the more difficult task.
>What I meant was assume the telescope is analagous to the weapon,
>as its a big heavy  thing that focuses light, how good are current
>for getting a telescope on a target and tracking it? If you see the
>in the centre of the 'scope then you just shot it. Could a terresterial
>track MIR for instance.

Well, as I noted in another msg yesterday, I know amateur astronomers
*hand-track* on Mir...	;-)  And at the right orientations they have
they can make out the rough shape (one of my co-workers even took a
photo of the Mir and shuttle docked a few years ago; you *can* make out
basic shapes)

>Anyway looks like this threads is way due to diediedie now anyway.



During the run-and-fight-and-run-again battle through this forest of
she is finally cornered. Her weapons have been left deep in the bodies
of the
slain or broken against the granite-hard scales of these snakes that are
snakes. Her stand to the death must be fought here. Though her only
are her hands and her deep and wide knowledge of the slayers, she does
fear them. They will die. Of this she is sure.

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