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Re: Real world? Re: DS2/SG2 Camouflage

From: Doug_Evans/CSN/UNEBR@U...
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 06:40:56 -0600
Subject: Re: Real world? Re: DS2/SG2 Camouflage

>WHile all that wazoo stuff is fine and dandy in low light or limited
>stuff, nothing is more accurate than the mark1 eyeball and day sights
>comes to daytime shooting.

I can't believe how irrational an irritation the above engendered in me.
Let me first apologize to Los if any of the following comes off snide.

I thought I had made clear that the situations WERE special case.
from such one can try to note trends.

I started to write up an analogy of the battlewagon vs aviation/sub
arguments in the US prior to WWII, but many on this list would be able
explain this far better than me. Suffice to say, the big boys did not
importance, but changed in importance, and the admirals that lost face
tended to miss the subtlety.

Actually, I think it was the 'mark1' reference. Firstly, I prefer Mark
Secondly, as this was the second note in a very short time to use the
phrase, it was taking on less the aspect of rational argument, and more
religious mantra.

Of course, now, and for the foreseeable future, Mark I rules!

After all, bright lights on tank hull down in wooded depression spells
target. ;->=

Just, try not to close your eyes to other possibilities.

As an aside:
As EE has been brought up, wasn't it in Rouge(sic) Trader that there
two pages of codex camo, including bizarre schemes for slag terrain and
active lava flows? Blues, pinks, oranges, fire-engine reds...

*ah* For religious experience, there's nothing like thumbing through
ever-loosening pages.


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