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Re: Hunter MMRAV SG2 Conversion to DS2

From: Tony Christney <acc@u...>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 23:57:58 -0800
Subject: Re: Hunter MMRAV SG2 Conversion to DS2

On Feb.24, Brian Bell wrote:

>I was trying to convert the Hunter FV703 MMRAV from the listing in
>Stargrunt II (p. 68) to Dirtside II.
>However, the Hunter listed that it has a HKP/2. DS2 states that the
>minimum size for HKP is 3. What is the correct way to handle this?
> 1) Use a MDC/2
> 2) Adjust DS2 to allow HKP/2
> 3) Other?

I would say that any of the above would be suitable. I'm not familiar
with the SGII rules, so I'm not exactly sure how the two HKPs relate to
one another. Personally, I would likely go with 1), since it wouldn't
require changing the DSII rules.

>Also it lists that it has Decoy launchers and Smoke launchers. What
>would be the DS2 cost and space requirment for these items. What range
>the smoke launchers have? If you launch a drone, can you use it to spot
>for artillery?

I would class decoy launchers in with an increased stealth rating. The
smoke launchers already exist. All vehicles can deploy smoke directly
in front of themselves every turn by using their combat action to do so.
The smoke is included in the cost of the vehicle. As for spotting for
artillery, I would say no, on the grounds that a decoy's purpose is to
draw attention away from the intended target. I suppose that you could
design a small drone vehicle to be used to call down artillery, but it
wouldn't be useful as a decoy as well.
FMTD (Fire Mission Targeting Drone)
Size 1 VTOL, armour 0, SUP ECM, Carries "artillery observer" element.
Cost: 107 (say -7 points for not having an APSW to make it an even 100)

>I would like player input as well as a response from Jon Tuffley or
>Thanks in advance,
>Brian Bell

  Tony Christney

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