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Re: DS2 Infantry Figures

From: Nic Robson <nicr@e...>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 22:13:34 +1100
Subject: Re: DS2 Infantry Figures

Irregular actually make there own sci-fi speederbike . Catalogue code
number NSF5.	

There are three variants of it too, with one rider, two riders and two
riders with a bazooka. I have seen them used many times as size one

Irregular do motorbikes and pushbikes in both their WW1 and WW2 ranges
of course there is the MAD MAX style bike and sidecar in the
set. They also have a huge amount of cavalry I personally use a lot of
stuff from the Spanish Civil War range.

In 25mm GZG have the motor bike with a choice of FSE or NAC rider and
first of the cavalry (horses in space at last) have just been moulded
in Australia this week. They should reach UK and US in 10/14 days time.

I always recommend Irregular 6mm because it is chunkier and much more
'lively' than H&R in my opinion. Just because I manufacture their range
under liscence, you wouldn't call me biased would you?

Nic Robson

At 11:33 AM 2/23/98 +0000, you wrote:
>> With or without sidecars?
>> Heroics/Ross does both. As do Scotia (or at least it did, last time I
>> looked). Irregular is bound to as well, but they may be a bit large.
>> I can recommend the Heroics ones though. And their Cossack and German
>> cavalry are excellent. For Camels in 1/300, you'd have to go
>> though, or scratchbuild using one of the many Heroics/Ross Ancients
>> camels range.
>Thank you everyone for the responses! I will look into Scotia and
>Aaron, I will let you know if I need you to look into the speeder bikes
>from the evil empire <g>. And thank you for the offer. I think that I
>was looking about for 10-20. Enough to make 2-3 infantry/cavalry
>Brian Bell
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Nic Robson
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