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Re: DS2 Infantry Figures

From: Rob Paul <rpaul@w...>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 16:10:49 +0000
Subject: Re: DS2 Infantry Figures

At 23:30 22/02/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Brian Bell wrote:
>> I am looking for cavalry for DS2.
>> Does anyone know of any 1/300 or 1/285th scale motorcycle figures. I
>> tried Micro Armor, but was unable to discover such figures.
>> Not as high on the priority list is mounted cavalry figures on horses
>> camels.
>GHQ makes micro armor ketteraids, that I know off. I think they do MC
>As far as 6mm cav, the best I know of is Heroic & Ross.  
>My "Evil Empire"  6mm game troops use a lot of H&R WWII cav as "Rough

Irregular do WW1 and WW2 horsed cavalry, and assorted motorbikes with
without sidecars (and assorted fantasy cav on unusual mounts)  The
animal-mounted stuff is in the usual "elements" of 2 to 5 figs on a
while the bikes are single models on a base.

I'm sure Scotia do m/c combinations

Heroics and Ros do m/c combinations, kettenkrads, and bicycle infantry


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