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Re: DS2 Infantry Figures

From: Brian Bell <Brian.Bell@a...>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 11:33:09 +0000
Subject: Re: DS2 Infantry Figures

> With or without sidecars?
> Heroics/Ross does both. As do Scotia (or at least it did, last time I
> looked). Irregular is bound to as well, but they may be a bit large.
> I can recommend the Heroics ones though. And their Cossack and German
> cavalry are excellent. For Camels in 1/300, you'd have to go Irregular
> though, or scratchbuild using one of the many Heroics/Ross Ancients
> camels range.
Thank you everyone for the responses! I will look into Scotia and

Aaron, I will let you know if I need you to look into the speeder bikes
from the evil empire <g>. And thank you for the offer. I think that I
was looking about for 10-20. Enough to make 2-3 infantry/cavalry

Brian Bell

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