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Space Fleet minis

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 22:39:03 -0500
Subject: Space Fleet minis

In case anyone is interested in ft with space fleet minis. From

From: (Trevor Stamper)
Here you guys go- the next GWUK order.	I am tentatively planning on
having the deadline set for March 7th for this order.  More updates will
follow as I find out what cool GWUK pre-order stuff we can get our paws
on!  Please note I have added a number of new sections, and expanded a
of the orlder ones as well.  New to this list are:

The rules

This is how I am going to work this.  I will order whatever you would
like, at the prices listed below, which I have gathered over many phone
calls to GWUK.	If you are unsure of what the mini is, but have an idea
what he looks like, I will search through my catalogues and let you know
if we can still get him.  For this service, I am charging a flat rate of
$5.  In addition, you will pay $5 in shipping ( from me to you).  You
then pay no shipping from GWUK.  You will save the most money if you
over $100 worth of merchandise.  I have included all the minis I could
think of that are not currently in the US annual ( 98).

Space Fleet minis
   Yes!  They still exist!

€Emperor Capital Ship: $10 for 1
€Gothic Battleship: $10 for 1
€Ironclad battleship: $10 for 1
€Firestorm cruiser: $10 for 2
€Cobra Destroyer: $10 for 5
€Castellan Shield ship: $10 for 1
€Eldar Wraithship: $10 for 1
€Annihilator Battleship: $10 for 1
€Dictator Battleship: $10 for 1
€Thunderbolt Cruiser: $10 for 2
€Stalwart escort ship: $10 for 5
€Eldar ShadowHunter: $10 for 2
€Tyrant Battleship: $10 for 1
€Dominator Battleship: $10 for 1
€Goliath Factory ship: $10 for 1
€Galaxy troop ship: $10 for 1

€Tyranid Hiveship: $12
€Tryanid Drones ( 5 diff. ): $2.50 each
€Tryanid Spore mine ( 2 diff. types): $2.50
€Tryanid Dark Prowler: $8
€Tryanid War drone ( 2 diff): $2.50
€Tryanid Void Fiend: $6
€Ramsmitter Kraken: $6
€Doomripper Kraken: $6
€Hellblaster Krarken: $6
€Tyranid Kraken: $8

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