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Re: DSII Question- Obstacles

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 10:25:38 -0500
Subject: Re: DSII Question- Obstacles

Allan Goodall wrote:

> One thing about the American decision not to sign it is that the US
> has managed to hurt its standing on the world stage. While the US may
> think of itself as the world's policeman, other countries (in
> particular Canada, which was the nation that pushed the treaty) have
> gained some stature in the Third World. This won't help the US' image
> in peacekeeping especially after the Somalia debacle.

If everyone else in the world signs the treaty but the US it will still
be a
positive thing. We're not the ones exporting the vast majority of these
anyway. Or how about amending the treaty to say no mines may be exported
other countries? It makes a short term solution admittedly, but that  is
real problem. It's not like it's the US, UK, France etc that's going
planting these mines.

It's true that we've been hurt somewhat on the world stage by this, (And
stupid hockey team hasn't helped much either <g>). However that loss of
seems to be forgotten when theres a real crisis involving force.
(Bosnia, Iraq
invading Kuwait etc). Then you have all these countires pissing and
monaing but
not really doing much about it either becasue they're unwilling to
or because they don't have the power. Suddenly everyone becomes our
again. It's sort of like a microcosim of a soldier's life in general.
Most of
the time everyone despises you." Oh look at that GI, probably joined
because he
couldn't get a job elsewhere", or what a bunch of thick headed right
blah blah, but then it's "thin red line o' heroes" when the shit begins
fly. It's really quite amusing....

Stature's fine and dandy but power is what really counts in the thick.


BTW re: Canada and Somalia. Geez, wasn't it your paras that got the axe
torturing civilians? <g>

> And there's always the possibility of Canada or other countries using
> this as a diplomatic chit when asked to sign another treaty later.
> Allan Goodall
> "Once again, the half time score,
>  Alien Overlords: 142,000. Scotland: zip."
>   - This Hour Has 22 Minutes

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