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Re: DSII Question- Obstacles

From: Thomas Barclay <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 12:21:37 -0500
Subject: Re: DSII Question- Obstacles

> AFAIK, ADE doesn't affect PA - they come in too damned fast and hard
> any practical interception...

Note that a Phalanx can stop (or deflect and damage) a 16 inch shell 
from a Battleship, so I don't think this will be true, esp with 
lightspeed weapons. (And I'm told the games take this into account to 
one extent or another)

> > True. But if you remember that radiated power falls off as a cube of

> > radius, you'll realize the danger drops off real fast from this type

> > of threat so it could be quite a viable AV weapon. And it may be a 
> > lot smaller than a standard mine or conceivably more effective since

> > conventional armour might not stop it....
> >  
> Hadn't thought of the amount of drop-off - maybe an ECM AV mine is
> - care to work up some stats for DS2 and SG2 and post them? I recall
> reading somewhere about a US arty shell, present day, called a
> "Jabberwocky" - drop it in the enemy's rear area, it starts
> ECM jamming to screw up the communication nets...just bury one of
> you have your ECM mine...

I will do that. ECM, EP, and AG (electronic pulse and anti grav) 
mines and arty. God, I've got so many ideas (Non violent weapons for 
peacekeeping, MegaTraveller conversions, stealthy movement, going IP 
when fired upon as a reaction.....) that getting them all sensibly 
put on paper and out is a trial. But I like this one so much I'm 
going to do something with it (that and sticky wire, nanites (arty, 
mine, and static counter measure) and monowire/flatwire).  

> And even if the enemy does realize the existance of the mines, it
> matter - they'll have accomplished the goal of slowing the enemy down.
> Whether they move to go around the mines, move arty up to shell them,
> move engineering assets up to neutralize them, the advance is stalled
> slowed - buying you time to get a counterattack or better defences in
> place...and if the enemy simply moves forces thru the minefields,
> accepting the losses, so much the better - the mines are still there,
> cut up his retreat when his weakened column is forced to fall
> addition of IFF tech to mines makes them much more useful. Most
> are as hard for the defender to get out of as the attacker to get in -
> IFF minefields...

My only point here is it places a great dependence on the IFF 
transmitter. You need to have a personally portable one to do this 
with AP mines (and then I'd be developing smartguns or smartrounds to 
take down people wearing these).  I think your approach is pragmatic 
for vehicles and AV mines however. 

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