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RE: DSII Question- Obstacles

From: "ROBERTSON,Brendan" <Brendan.ROBERTSON@E...>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 12:39:00 +1100
Subject: RE: DSII Question- Obstacles

ADE does have a limited effect of PA drops in both DS & SG.  In DS, any
chits landing off table or difficult terrain count as ADE/lost & in SG
the quality roll when dropping takes this into account.
This sort of fire is rare though (anti-orbital defence batteries) & only
held by specialist units or Regimental level.  Orbitally inserting PA
would also throw up a lot of radar chaff from the heatshields &
thrusters (or parachutes depending on tech).  Even PA needs to slow down
enough to survive impact (and be shot at).  RH's Starship Troopers &
Hammer's Slammers: Counting the Cost give good examples of this.

RE: real world:
>From my understanding, it's only anti-personnel mines that is covered
the treaty due to the long term effect upon the local population.  More
than 90% of anti-personnel mine casualties are actually the local
civilian population.  The American government not signing the ban is
certainly worrying due to the number of war theatres they seem to get
involved in.  The only conclusions I can get from this is the defence
contractors have put pressure on the government & American forces use AP
mines reasonably frequently...

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>AFAIK, ADE doesn't affect PA - they come in too damned fast and hard
>any practical interception...
>Real World Interupt: What about this mine-banning treaty just signed?
>Princess Di one? Any chance of it surviving w/o the Yanks on-side? It's
>nice, idealistic document, but...
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