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RE: Painting miniatures

From: Tim Jones <Tim.Jones@S...>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 13:22:50 -0000
Subject: RE: Painting miniatures

On Wednesday, February 18, 1998 11:50 AM, Nyrath the nearly wise 
[] wrote:
> I'm trying to paint all my starship miniatures, but
> I'm a  little new at this.
> The Valiant alien starships responded well to a wash
> of india ink, then dry-brushing with silver and copper.
> But I'm not sure what would be good color schemes for
> my other ships.
> Any suggestions?

The now long dead FAQ had a *big* section on this, including JT's views,
anyone still have a copy? I've got one at home.

This was posted by Jon top cat:

Well I use  'C.B.K' which is russian for 'Solar Naval Ship' for the ESU
(which is written EEC in russian)     c.f NAC and their CNS

Painting :
	      Primary	   Secondary		    Logo
  ESU	       red	    yellow/black	     yellow star (E*C)
  NAC	       white	    blue/black		 like the S.T. ^ (N^C)
  PAU	       yellow	    green/red		     (non typeable!)
  IF	       green	     white	      3 swords and islamic
  RH	    dark blue	    red/white		     2 headed eagle
  NSL	       black	    red/gold			WW1 +
  FSE	       grey				     (non typeable)
  UN	       orange	    white

  All the ESU have an initial on them (which is the ship type) and no.
it looks as if they are part of a bigger fleet) and fleet logo.
  The initial is in the russian scrip!

My ESU frigates are in red & black tiger stripe that just suits the mini
a T !! well IMO ! ;-)


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