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Re: DSII Question- Obstacles

From: Brian Bell <Brian.Bell@a...>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 00:29:00 -0700
Subject: Re: DSII Question- Obstacles

> My inclination for DS2 scale games would be that they automatically
> movement when advancing into contact with the obstacle (and they are
> allowed to then fire), but that the infantry units attempting to cross
> continue moving in their next turn.  This would simulate the use of
> bangalore torpedo type weapons and the effect of checking movement and

> making them a nice target for the defenders for a turn.  Dragon Teeth
> be impassable but may be blown by sappers simialr to building

Or you could charge one activation by that unit to cross the wire or 2
to cross and clear the wire (make a hole in the line).

> Wire/teeth rules would need to have wire-vs-tank rules and
> wire-vs-arty/DFO rules - what happens to a razor-wire line when a
> group of
> Size 5 GEV panzers cruise through or a battery of medium artillery
> drops a
> converged sheaf load on it? (Teeth would be unaffected, I'd think -
> for
> fairly obvious reasons...) Don't forget what tanks were originally
> made
> for - wire-busting (at least in part)...WW1 again...

How about these suggestions:
	  Wheeled**	 Tracked      GEV***	      Grav
Size 1	  as Infantry	 Ignores*     Difficult       Ignores*
Size 2	  Difficult	 Clears       Poor	      Ignores*
Size 3	  Ignores*	 Clears       Poor	      Ignores*
Size 4	  Ignores*	 Clears       Clears	      Ignores*
Size 5+   Clears	 Clears       Clears	      Ignores*
 * If the AFV Parks on the wire Infantry may cross on top of the
vechicle as 1" poor terrain.
 ** Assumes Size 2+ Wheeled vehicles use High Density/Bulet Proof/ATV
 ** Assumes GEV is using spring steel skirts. If it has rubber/cloth
skirts, it moves as infantry.

Brian Bell

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