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Re: DSII Question- Obstacles

From: jfoster@k... (Jim 'Jiji' Foster)
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 01:15:39 -0600
Subject: Re: DSII Question- Obstacles

At 12:29 2/17/98, Paul O'Grady wrote:
>Has anyone come up with a genric rule regarding the use of barbed/razor
>wire as obstacles for DS2 ?  What about WW2 "Dragon Teeth" type tank
>obstacles ?
>My inclination for DS2 scale games would be that they automatically

My inclination is about 25 degrees off center. :)

>movement when advancing into contact with the obstacle (and they are
>allowed to then fire), but that the infantry units attempting to cross
>continue moving in their next turn.  This would simulate the use of
>bangalore torpedo type weapons and the effect of checking movement and
>making them a nice target for the defenders for a turn.  Dragon Teeth
>be impassable but may be blown by sappers simialr to building
>Any comments/suggestions ?

Well, the way I see it, barbed wire would be ignored by vehicles, and
dragon teeth would be ignored by foot soldiers (although, if densely
they could count as cover, ne?) One could certainly sow both together...
with mines, if you're feeling like annoying the sappers.

These defenses would be totally ignored by grav vehicles (fly over) and
troopers (unless it's monofilament wire). And a DFFG or two would
vaporize wire and melt mines, if you could just get that armor officer
lend his firepower to your footsloggers for a round or two....

Something else that bears consideration: tank traps. Big pits would slow
down about anything but (again)grav vehicles and PA troopers.

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