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Re: DSII Question

From: Tony Christney <acc@u...>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 13:55:08 -0800
Subject: Re: DSII Question

>Two questions actually.
>Firstly, on the weekend Paul O'Grady and I were playing a game in which
>a unt of APCs suffered a dismal bout of Confidence Checks and became
>routed. Whilst running away back to the base line Paul used his
>commander to try to Rally the unit. Here's teh interesting part.
>According to the rules the Rally action on part of the commander uses
>the unit being rallied. In this case the attempt failed but the unit
>didn't continue routing but stayed in place?!	Should we have the unit
>continue routing until the attempt is successful in which case it uses
>up the units action; but if the unit is still in the open and it
>rallies to Broken it should still be moving to cover??  Are we doing
>this right?

I think that since rallying uses up the units activation, it shouldn't
have to move. If it is in the open, then it will likely be shot at,
making the unit less effective even if it does rally. You would
think that a requirement for rallying would be that the unit already
be in cover. I have never been under fire, but I don't think that
anyone would have much success rallying _me_ if I was still in the
open and getting shot at...

>Secondly, how do you deal with a vehicle that receives two Damage
>either in the same fire combat, same game turn or separate game turns?

This would seem to be a matter of taste. The rules imply that you can
suffer the effects of damage once, so the second (or third, etc.) would
be ignored. However, it could be considered a reasonable house rule that
a second damaged result would destroy the vehicle.

>Yours perplexed

You have shown two instances where the rules are open to interpretation.
I used to have problems with things like this, but eventually you get
used to it. So long as the players are reasonable, it shouldn't cause
much of a problem. I haven't found a miniature game yet that didn't have
"problems" like this.

>Owen G

  Tony Christney

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