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Re: Campaign Maps

From: Donald Hosford <Hosford.donald@a...>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 23:21:11 -0800
Subject: Re: Campaign Maps

PCARON wrote:

>	  I just finished working on my campaign map for my FT "Battles"
> campaign game.  Here's what I did...
> 1) I went to Home Depot (USA) and bought a sheet of duct metal.
> 2) Picked up a cheap poster frame with thin sheet of plexiglass at
>    shop.
> 3) Picked up a bunch of magnets at Walmart (1/2" diameter disks).
> 4) Bought a bunch of children's numbers/letter magnets (you know, the
>    kind you use to stick on refridgerators).	These particular ones
>    1/4" circular magnets in them.  Really cheap.
> 5) Took my old Starfleet Battles Tactical map and mounted between the
>    sheet of metal and the plexiglass (didn't glue it, friction keeps
>    in place.)
> 6) Took one of my old Starfire hex maps (1" hexes) and mounted a small
>    piece next to the SFB hex map.  I use this map for my special
>    rules for tactical combat.
> Total Cost:  Sheet Metal 5 dollars
>	       Poster frame 6 dollars
>	       1/2" Magnets (star system markers) 10 cents each.
>	       1/4" Magnets (fleet markers) 10 cents each.
>	       SFB Hex map (came with set so I don't know it's actual
>	       Starfire Hex map ( " )
> I hang the map on the wall so my cats won't rearrange the universe on
> when we're not playing.  Looks really cool.  Hope someone out there
> this useful.	It was fun to make (and cheap).  The plexiglass permits
> to draw warp points with overhead projector pens.  Using the map on
> wall frees up table space so we can fight the tactical games without
> having to move all of our stuff.
> Pete
> Peter Caron
> "There is no nation on earth so dangerous as a nation fully armed, and
> bankrupt at home."
>			  Henry Cabot Lodge

  What a GREAT idea!  Now I just need to find some clear wall space...

Donald Hosford

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