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Re: [OFFICIAL] Some FT background stuff (guidelines for writers)

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 21:34:59 +0000
Subject: Re: [OFFICIAL] Some FT background stuff (guidelines for writers)

>As for the whole FTL travel/comms argument, I think it's probably gone
to a
>conclusion now. Whether or not *we* are likely to have FTL comms or
>the point is what does the FT background say about it? i think it might
>constructive if we came up with a list of *general* (i.e. quick & easy
>answer) questions which the folks at GZG (do you do all the background
>yourself Jon or do you have help?) can answer. An initial suggestion
>me is..

Ok, I'll try and answer them (yes, it is just me....); note that all the
answers refer SPECIFICALLY to the "official" GZG universe (I hate
it that, but at least everyone knows what we mean then), and have no
bearing on other backgrounds that we or anyone else may be using for FT.
>1) Do the various races in FT have direct, real-time interstellar
comms? If
>so, which ones?

Humanity does not - speed of communication is limited to speed of ship
travel (like Traveller etc.). I think that the Kra'Vak do not, either.
Whether we ever introduce an alien race that does, we'll have to wait
see (maybe the Sa'Vasku do, perhaps via a telepathic link of some
>(I believe such a form of communication would present a distinct
>advantage to one side or the other if they have it exclusively)
>2) What exactly is the Kra'Vak social structure? Some of the flavour
>implies a sort of hybrid clan system a little like medieval Japan but
>never had any concrete details (unless you want to leave that for Bugs
>Don't Surf or Fleet Book part 2).

Yes, we're leaving that one - mainly because I haven't really decided
All (or some of it) will be revealed in due course......

Jon (GZG)

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