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Campaign Maps

From: PCARON <Pcaron@c...>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 11:40:32 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Campaign Maps

	I just finished working on my campaign map for my FT "Battles"
campaign game.	Here's what I did...

1) I went to Home Depot (USA) and bought a sheet of duct metal. 

2) Picked up a cheap poster frame with thin sheet of plexiglass at

3) Picked up a bunch of magnets at Walmart (1/2" diameter disks).

4) Bought a bunch of children's numbers/letter magnets (you know, the
   kind you use to stick on refridgerators).  These particular ones had
   1/4" circular magnets in them.  Really cheap.

5) Took my old Starfleet Battles Tactical map and mounted between the
   sheet of metal and the plexiglass (didn't glue it, friction keeps it
   in place.)

6) Took one of my old Starfire hex maps (1" hexes) and mounted a small
   piece next to the SFB hex map.  I use this map for my special
   rules for tactical combat.

Total Cost:  Sheet Metal 5 dollars
	     Poster frame 6 dollars
	     1/2" Magnets (star system markers) 10 cents each.
	     1/4" Magnets (fleet markers) 10 cents each.
	     SFB Hex map (came with set so I don't know it's actual
	     Starfire Hex map ( " )

I hang the map on the wall so my cats won't rearrange the universe on us
when we're not playing.  Looks really cool.  Hope someone out there
this useful.  It was fun to make (and cheap).  The plexiglass permits us
to draw warp points with overhead projector pens.  Using the map on the
wall frees up table space so we can fight the tactical games without
having to move all of our stuff.

Peter Caron

"There is no nation on earth so dangerous as a nation fully armed, and
bankrupt at home."
			Henry Cabot Lodge

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