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Re: Fighter Jocks.

From: John Leary <realjtl@s...>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 21:39:59 -0800
Subject: Re: Fighter Jocks.

Allan Goodall wrote:
> >The number of kills I have gotten against aces in superior
> >aircraft is far to long for me to bore you.
> Were these human or computer? And how many times were you shot down?
> What was the game?
> Except that a Super Drone fighter won't chicken out. No one has
> mentioned that even top fighter jocks experience fear.
> Allan Goodall

     The fighter game was called 'Mustangs and Messerschmetts'
by Rocky Russo.  I am going to a game this weekend, expectations
are not high, the game requires constant practice.   
     The game was against real people for fighter vs fighter and
slightly abstract for bomber formations.   
     Rocky was a GREAT fan of the Me109 series, so much so that 
it was the greatest thing since the invention of food.

     The best USAAF ace I have has flown 17 of 25 allowed ('44) 
missions and has 33 confirmed kills in a P-51C-10.   Seven of the
kills were against aces with as many as 35 kills.   One aircraft
scrapped due to battle damage.
     Since the game died out for about 10 years here I did a summation
of the best Luftwaffe pilots in each period (25 missions per period)
for '40, '41, '42, and '44.  The grand total is 230+ kills in 90
missions, several in '44 were aces with more that 25 kills.  
This pilot is currently flying an FW190-A9 and does not think
kind thoughts about Spit XIVE or Tempests.  On several occasions in
'44 I have gotten more than 10 kills in a single mission. (My
average shooting range is 5-7 inches (100 to 140 yards).  I have lost
3 aircraft in '44, have not flown is Russia at all with this pilot.
     I found it necessary to completely revise the aircraft stats
based on my own research and formulas.
     Change of topic:
     I beg to differ on the comment "The drone won't chicken out.".
The programming would include a value/loss statement as well as the
fact that humans do ram high value targets.   The drone would consider
itself as a high value target and would try to avoid a crash.

Bye for now,
John L.

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