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Re: [OFFICIAL] Re: National Characteristics?

From: "Cristobal A. Mera" <cam1614@u...>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 19:55:16 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Re: [OFFICIAL] Re: National Characteristics?

HEY! I'll let you know that the amount of toilet paper aboard U.N.S.C.
vessels is extremely confidential as it reflects on the ship's mission
By the way, who says U.N. vessels are merely bought from the major
(OK,Ok, so maybe the survey cruisers, cargo vessels, and the other
stuff might be, but not the combat ships!!!) In fact i have it in good
confidence that they were made specially for U.N. use (i should know, i
made mine). 

The reason the cruisers do not compute is because we use a different
system for Batt. mass:
1 arc (A):  cost:7, mass:2
2 arc (A):  cost:10, mass:3
3 arc (A):  cost:13, mass:4

and so forth for B's and C's

This is of course part of shifty U.N. business, and of course you don't
really know that....

Cris M. 

>On Tue, 10 Feb 1998, John Leary wrote:

> Cristobal A. Mera wrote:
> > 
> > Of course this omits the U.N.S.C. vessels, which is alright since
> > are

> Cris,
>      The most closely guarded secret in UNSC is who the Political
> Security Officers are who are posted to the ships.
> The ships themselves are products of the major powers and are about 
> as secret as the amount of Toilet paper on the ship.
> (and the major powers do not sell the best ships/technology to
> UNSC because they do not want the information spread across
> the entire universe!)
>      The cruisers do not compute!  They seem to have an overabundant
> number of weapons for the stated mass.  (My estimate is mass 46-48,
> a truly impressive cruiser.)	Unless these are the "Official UNSC"
> displacement values.
> Bye for now,
> John L.

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