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Re: GZG Mini and Dice collections?

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 09:56:26 +0000
Subject: Re: GZG Mini and Dice collections?

>Hi all,
>How many Full Thrust minis do you goes usually use in a typical FT
>I have 2 forces of around 8 ships each, mostly small stuff.

That's fine for an enjoyable, fairly fast game.
>I also have Dirtside II ( but have never played it!) .What are '
>forces for that too?  I have hover tanks and  Heavy tanks from geohex,
>infantry and GEVs from Ral Partha, but have been doing Ogre stuff with

We reckon on around three-four platoons (each of between 3 and 5
each side for a smallish game, which is about Company/Squadron level.
a couple of platoons each of armour and mechanised infantry, then add
supporting arms as you go.
>Also, what type of Dice collections do you guys have?


[Dice.... dice, gimme MORE DICE, gotta have dice.....]

Seriously, I never knew a gamer (Minis or RPG) who didn't have a fetish
collecting dice, whether they needed them or not....
>What is normal?

For SGII or DSII, ideally you want a couple of sets (D4-D12) per player
that way you won't have to keep swapping dice and hunting for the right
>I've cleaned out about every where local , but that has yielded only
>4 dice
>each of d4 to d20!
>D6 are easy to find, and go for around 100yen for 6 here, and I
>must be sad, as I
>have 30!

I'm surprised that you are having trouble, given the apparent popularity
RPGs over there. Try some US or UK mail-order suppliers for some
sets (we even stock them ourselves now!)

Jon (GZG)
>Seems all this isn' t needed if all we do is PBeM ( and simple kids
>and solo
>for myself)!
>	 Adrian Bruce
>	 Science Fiction Fantasy Design and Implementation
>	 SF2D&I

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