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Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 13:02:17 -0500
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Ah a very interesting thread....

Jonathan white wrote:

> Then of course there is the problem of shielding your drones AI
> from external interference. I'd love to know what a close detonation
> warhead would do to a pack of drone fighters :).

Not that I'm a proponent of AI fighters, (Some pundit always comes along
predicting the demise of human invlvement in fighting wars), but an EMP
against a human fighter would be just as bad. Sure he might be OK, but
about all the circuits in his ride? They'd suffer as bad as the AI core
of a
non-human fighter (assuming similar shielding).

> >yesterday you were a navigator. This allows for a cheap supply of
> >untrained (uneducated?) pilots who--once they jack in--become a new
> >Chuck Yeager.
> Again the problem of course is predicability. If every pilot has
access to
> exactly the same knowledge, every pilot will react to a given
situation in
> more or less the same way. In combat of course this is A BAD THING.
Part of
> the problem with these mass prdoced drones/pilots is getting the m to
> in an individual manner.

Exactly, there's a hellofalot more to any of these jobs besides
knowledge. There
is experience and intuition. Not just collective experience, but

> >Except that it still takes a good couple of years to create a fighter
> >jock, unless computers are augmenting their training.

Maybe fighters will get easier to fly 200 years, what with computer
better spatial sensors, and nueral interfaces. Sort of like cars. Right
they're very complicated because, theres still a difficulty in getting
all that
ammassed information assimilated by the pilot in the few senses he can
use. This
was training can actually focus on combat operations, SCM, and tactics.

> Hmm.. Current physics research implies translight communication is
> feasible, much more than translight travel anyway, what with electron
> tunnelling, particle spin reversion and things like that. I would say
> translight comms was actually a requirement of any large interstellar
> society - could the US manage it's fleets without radio?

Today, no. But in the age of sail, huge empires managed without
communications. There are plenty of scifi stories written along these


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