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Re: Late-Nite ramblings on LEGO-Grunt

From: Donald Hosford <Hosford.donald@a...>
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 00:05:10 -0800
Subject: Re: Late-Nite ramblings on LEGO-Grunt

Sutherland wrote:

> I got some of the new UFO LEGOs for my birthday(turned 26 hehehe) and
> thinking on how cool these alien guys and there ships would be in
> Stargrunt.  Then I got to thinking(should of known I was doomed here)
> I have alot of other LEGO stuff that would be kind of nifty to use in
> Makes for really cool APCs and other vehicles not to mention the
> stuff you can make and best of all if you blow it up you can scatter
> pieces about and make it look authentic.  Now I just have to come up
> stats for all the little dudes.
>	  Sidenote- While at Toys-R-Us I saw a new line of toys called
> Zone".  THey had 3 types of military vehicles; APC, Tank, and a plane.
> APC and tank looked to be in perfect scale for SG2.  Going to pick
some up
> tomorrow(only $9 each) along with a toy box for my daughter.
>	  It is late, I am groggy and that ESC key is sure looking
mighty inviting.
> The Big Red Candy like button!!!!
>								  That
CHuk Guy

Ever heard of "Legowars"?

(For those who don't know...)
 It is a simple wargame that uses LEGO (tm) sets and figures.
Don't have the URL handy,  Try searching for "Legowars".

Donald Hosford

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