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Re: FT in small spaces

From: Donald Hosford <Hosford.donald@a...>
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 23:56:57 -0800
Subject: Re: FT in small spaces

Doug_Evans/CSN/UNEBR@UNebMail.UNeb.EDU wrote:

> >Use 1/2 inch counters!  The set I use came from Starfire (it has an
> >impressive array of counters in that game)
> *shrug* I still like figs, and you can always go for smaller and
> especially if you find some with attached bases.

I don't have any ship figures yet...(GASP!...Yes FT plays the same with
counters...8)  )

> >For a firearc/turn gauge, I made one by photocoping the one from the
> >book, and made it out of the center.  The hole in the center is only
> >inch across.
> Of course, you could try a photocopying machine that'll reduce the
> template;
> something so obvious that I never considered it. ;->=

Unfortunatly for me, all of the copy machines in my area don't do
enlargements/shrinks.I have to make do... ( does keep the mind

> >For a battlefield, I use a TV tray!	I can take it down when the game
> >over.
> Well, if the TV tray is a steel one, you could always use stick-on
> magnets. Strips could be cut into squares for counters, and I
suggested a
> paper punch for circles for figs with round bases. (Actually, that was
> someone trying to do Epic scale Space Hulk(TM EE)).
> Counters have the advantage that you can always turn the tray over and
> it down for victualling...
> Otherwise, magnets have advantages for high kinetic areas like
> or situations where on the wall works best.

I have thought of magnetic counters.... I was thinking of using little
clips to
hold counters to the magnets... I have tried to make some myself, but to

> >Donald Hosford
> The_Beast

  Donald Hosford

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