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DS2: GRM Warfare

From: Brian Bell <pdga6560@c...>
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998 21:13:17 -0700
Subject: DS2: GRM Warfare

			  Dirtside II
			  G.R.M.* Warfare
			  ( *Giant Rubber Monster )

			  by Brian Bell

I grew up watching monster movies every Friday night. Hundreds of happy
hours spent watching
Godzilla, Rhodan, Gamara, and others destroy Tokyo (over and over
again). [Thank you, Fritz!] Below is a
way to relive those care free days.

Rember, all this is in fun! All rules should be taken with a grain of

Special thanks to for his Blob Scenario that provided
incentive to write this.


     1.All Giant Rubber Monsters (GRM's) are size 7 (700?).
     2.Due to the toughness of GRM's they get a 2nd die for defence
against all attacks except from
       other GRM's (Die type will vary with the GRM).
     3.As normal if the attacking unit rolls higher than the GRM's
defence roll, it will draw a number of
       chits equal to the strength of the weapon. If the valid chits
total exceeds the armor rating of the
       GRM, it is a successful attack.
     4.Unlike normal DS2 units, GRM's get a number of Incentive Points
(IP). Since most GRM's are
       indestructable, IP represents the amount of incentive that a GRM
has to continue an attack.
	   4.1.On a successful hit by a DS2 unit (other than a GRM), a
GRM will loose ONE IP regardless
	      of the strength of the attack. GRM's ignore special chits.

	   4.2.When a GRM runs out of IP, it must break off the attack
and attempt to leave the board.
	   4.3.A GRM is immune to anti-personnele fire.
	   4.4.GRM attacks against GRM's do damage to incentive points
equal to the total of all chits
	      minus the armor rating of the attacked GRM.
     5.GRM's physical attacks use a d12. If a GRM has a ranged weapon,
the attack die will vary.
     6.GRM's are generally immune to biochem attacks except from other


Deity Lizard

This radioactive giant lizard is the Czar of all Monsters. He has a
armor, incentive, and a ranged attack.
Strength: 10
Armor: 7
Incentive: 30
Move: 8"
Ranged Attack: Radioactive Breath
  Fixed Forward Arc
  Attack Die: d12
  Strength: 10
  Valid Chits: All
  Area: 2" radius
  Range: 60"
  Special Effect: After first use, all units on opposing force must make
    Confidence check at Threat level +2.


Tri Dragon

This 3 headed dragon is the arch enemy of the Deity Lizard. It is
has good armor, good incentive, and 3 ranged attacks.
Strength: 8
Armor: 5
Incentive: 30
Move: 6" or Fly: 24"
Ranged Attack: Lightning Breath Weapon
  Attack Die: d8
  Strength: 10
  Valid Chits: All
  Area: 3" long straight line
  Range: 48"
  Special Effect: Each head may make an attack.


Dragon Turtle

This giant Dragon Turtle is another "hero monster". He combines
strength and a powerful weapon.
Strength: 8
Armor: 5 (10 if pulled into his shell as when flying)
Incentive: 20
Move: 6" or Fly: 30" (May not attack while flying)
Ranged Attack: Dragon Fire
  Attack Die: d12
  Strength: 7
  Valid Chits: Red & Green
  Area: 2" radius
  Range: 36"
  Special Effect: Starts Fires


Giant Gorilla

This giant Gorilla has a tremendous strength and Incentive. He
has no inherit ranged attack.
Strength: 12
Attack Die: d12
Armor: 5
Incentive: 35
Move: 10"
Ranged Attack: May throw an ACV or Tree
  Attack Die: d8
  Strength: 5
  Valid Chits: Yellow & Green
  Area: 1 Element
  Range: 36"
  Special Effect: If he makes a successful attack against a
    ground ACV or tree, he may throw that item at another target.

Brian Bell
The Full Thrust Ship Registry

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