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Re: DS2 Chit Probabillity (was:DSII: Artillery)

From: Tony Christney <acc@u...>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 12:39:59 -0800
Subject: Re: DS2 Chit Probabillity (was:DSII: Artillery)

>On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, Tony Christney wrote:
>> I did this a relatively simple way a while back (more than a year).
>> The way I handled it was to use a combination of a D10(0-9) and a
>> The D12 counted as the "tens" (I think you have to ignore 12s). I had
>> a chart to cross reference the die roll with the corresponding damage
>That's easy. A single chit draw fits nicely on a d100 table.

Not quite, I think that there are ~119(ie. more than 100) different
Hence the D12-D10 combination.

>> To work out higher class weapon hits, you would use five sets of
>> coded dice, re-rolling the very very rare duplicates (if you want to
>> recreate the odds _exactly_). If you aren't worried about duplicates,
>> (the difference is negligible) then one set of dice is fine.
>Erm, that's in effect rolling X times on the 1 chit table, something I
>tried to avoid. IMHO, the whole point of rolling dice and table-lookup
>that it has to be faster than picking chits. I don't find rolling 10
>different colored d10's very convenient (in effect 1d10000000000).

Again, not exactly my intention. You would only have, at most, five
different colors. Each _color_ corresponds to a chit draw. Basically
the dice work in tandem. The major speed increase comes from the
fact that you can "draw" all of the required chits at the same time
with a single handful of dice. Also, it's not the same as rolling
X times on the one chit table. Chit draws are not statistically
independent, whereas a d10000000000 is statistically independent.

Finally, there is another advantage, losing one or more chits
changes the odds. You can't lose one facet of a die ;)


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