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Re: [OFFICIAL] Re: National Characteristics? AND EFSB question for Jon

From: Doug_Evans/CSN/UNEBR@U...
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 10:08:18 -0600
Subject: Re: [OFFICIAL] Re: National Characteristics? AND EFSB question for Jon

Oooo, the dreaded O-word! Shock of creeping evil empire-ism! ;->= Ok, so
was appropriately used, and it was officially wishy-washy (subject to
change at any minute). Feels weird in our laid-back atmosphere.

Long as it's creeping in, I was curious on how you were setting up the
'official'-ness of the book, Jon. Obviously, lists(total of each
of ships, and points of each.  I'm also assuming scenarios with
fleets(to be run in the scenario by each side). Any other guidelines or
fleet lists(to be run in a particular point game)? Funny, I used to be
to express myself clearly.

As far as moving fighters 'before or after big ships', of course it's
effectively 'at the same time as or after' since the orders are already
written for the big ships. To my way of thinking, agility and 'moving
inside a decision loop' are NOT equivalent phrases, as, for the concept
the decision loop to be more than moot, you have to be able to decide
action	yourself inside that space, and you are giving pilots PERFECT
I see agility as covered by FT II psuedo-vector system(anybody coin a
better phrase?) for ships while fighters get to move anywhere. I almost
wish they had some vectoring themselves, but accept the way things are.

One possibility, and one I'd like to hear about but WON'T be testing
is to allow the fighters to move at the ships half way point. Problems
include: you'd have to move, at least, all the possible target and APDS
ships halfway so that fighters would have a clear idea of what's
important(book-keeping headache). Artificial 'obvious' movement of some
ships using maximum turn, though the fact that you are using maximum
obvious earlier makes sense, you have the weird case of max 1 pt turn
don't give away, max 2 pt give full turn away, max 3 pt give only
direction, and max 4 pt is back to giving away full info.

*whew* Anything obviously wrong with what I just said?

Again, I'd like to hear how it tests out: I'm willing to fly FT II
fighters; I prefer MT fighters, though. Chose your own PSB.


P.S. I post to newsgroups from a mainframe, so it's automatically 80
character lines. Do I need to insert Cr's when I post to the list from
new mailer? It's hard to tell with proportional fonts, but I'd try if

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