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Re: Earthforce Sourcebook Question for Jon

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Date: Wed, 04 Feb 1998 00:52:26 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Earthforce Sourcebook Question for Jon

>>Thanks for the kind comments. Glad you like the system. Agreed, B5W is
>>very different game, and it has its merits - though IMHO it could have
>>much better (especially if they had listened to some of their
>Is there a chance you can expand in regards to which way it could have
>and the suggestions from the playtesters??

A number of playtesters (I headed up one group, and did the PBeM testing
for them) proffered up a number of suggestions on the B5W playtest list
that AOG basically either ignored, or went the opposite direction on
(one suggestion was to reduce the amount of armor around various
but instead AOG upped the damage potential of the weapons).

Now mind you, to be fair, some they took ideas and expanded on them
(originally they were doing a percentage 'to miss' system; most people
suggested going to a 'to hit' system, and I hit on changing the whole
thing over to a d20 instead of d100 system; AOG took the charts I made
up for playtesting, made some modifications, but the basic overall idea
is still there)

There has been a lot of grumbling about the movement system that was
presented, ideas suggested by the playtesters to make it better, and
the movement system mostly went unchanged. Chris Weuve came up with a
vectored movement system (that I haven't tried playing with yet) which
I have been hearing people say they like a lot.

Now that we've gotten quite off-topic from this list, you can prolly
find more information from the B5Wars email list. A lot of the original
playtesters are on there (well, this is my impression; could be wrong

During the run-and-fight-and-run-again battle through this forest of
she is finally cornered. Her weapons have been left deep in the bodies
of the
slain or broken against the granite-hard scales of these snakes that are
snakes. Her stand to the death must be fought here. Though her only
are her hands and her deep and wide knowledge of the slayers, she does
fear them. They will die. Of this she is sure.

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