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RE: Earthforce Sourcebook Question for Jon

From: "BEST, David" <dbest@s...>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 13:02:17 -0700
Subject: RE: Earthforce Sourcebook Question for Jon

Sorry but I don't agree with you on this.  This may be applicable for FT
and MT but it falls down for B5.  Fighters make radical vector changes
as standard procedure.	Cap ships are so cumbersome
they have virtually NO chance to dodge fighters nor do they have any
problems with fuel for the short time it takes for a B5 battle.  In fact
in "Severed Dreams" they have squadrons out for I believe (I'll have to
look back and check on that)  2 hours doing manoeuvres before they were
rotated to prevent using more than half their fuel.  Cap ships must rely
on their own fighters or anti-fighter weapons to keep them off their
backs.	If you are afraid of upsetting play balance then you should
change fighter strength or increase anti-fighter strength or even
shorten fighter firing range  but I don't think I would change them.
Change anything but fighters should move last.

I think Jon has done a good job with these rules and I like them.  I
also like B5 Wars as a different type of game and plan to play it too. 

>>Ground Zero Games wrote:
>Sorry, I don't agree with you. I won't say you are "wrong", because
this is
>SF after all and we can all do pretty much as we want anyway. If you
>that the original FT (and EFSB) fighter movement is a	better	model
for B5
>games, then use it by all means. However, in FT itself the use of the
>fighter movement gives (IMHO) a better balance to the game, and
>more tactical thought on the part of the player; if you play well and
>anticipate your opponent's actions, it is quite easy to place your
>within their 6" reaction distance - of course, he is trying to outthink
>at the same time.... :)
>To me, this is the kind of thing that makes play more interesting,
>than just a die-rolling exercise.
>If you want PSB to "justify" it, then yes, fighters are faster - but
>also have much smaller reserves of fuel, and once committed to an
>vector thay may not have enough to radically change it in response to
>sudden evasive move by the target ship.
>Jon (GZG)

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