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RE: SG II House Rules - longish post

From: Alexander Williams <thantos@d...>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 14:30:09 -0500 (EST)
Subject: RE: SG II House Rules - longish post

On Tue, 3 Feb 1998, Thomas Barclay wrote:

> Fer example - Heinlein-esque PA couldn't fight close together as a 
> rule because of the types of employment they had and because of the 
> types of weapons they were deploying.....

That too, though one could suggest that if H-PA were to fire /away/ from
the center of the squad, they could have the same level of defense that
they'd have in dispersal, and not have to worry about catching a
in a nuke blast radius.  :)

> Does anyone still play RL? I have to admit I loved Centurion! 

I still play RenLeg, actually; I have a fairly complete RenLeg->DSII
done that can be found on the Renegade Legion Web Pages floating around;
one of these days I should finish it and post.

> In real life, you might call the prep for an ambush a re-org action 
> where you co-ordinate who fires first (thus initiating the ambush) 
> and what conditions they'll fire under and what the responsibilities 
> of everyone in the ambush will be, whereas that is not a 'reorg into 
> one big unit'. Your squads can still be dispersed, but (for ambush 
> purposes) they are functioning as one big logical unit. I think maybe 

This sounds a /lot/ like it should be in the scenario conditions rather
than something put together ad-hoc in the timeframe described by SGII or
DSII (in the latter case, it can be assumed such things are abstracted
into the QD results; high rolls imply that a good
ambush/coordinated-attack was pulled off).

> What we haven't covered here is another interesting point: You get 
> reaction fire when people try to close with you.... yet you don't get 
> a reaction roll to go IP (*HIT THE DIRT!*) when someone opens up on 
> you in the open. I hate to say it, but the default behaviour of any 
> Infanteer I've met when ambushed in the open is to eat dirt and 
> reduce his or her target profile.....

I read it as going IP being a bit more involved than *just* 'hit the
dirt,' picking a good rise to lie behind, making sure you have a decent
line of fire, etc.  The immediate tendency for trained soldiers to go
belly-down in the bush better and quicker than civvies is why they get
that better QD.

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