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Re: FT: Extra Fire Control

From: BJCantwell@a...
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 09:53:35 EST
Subject: Re: FT: Extra Fire Control

In a message dated 98-02-02 07:52:09 EST, you write:

> Hello Thrusters...
>	I've noticed in our local group that no one ever seems to 
>  design ships with Extra Fire Control.  Is this something unique to
>  gaming group or is the system to massive to bother with?
>  Pete


Unless you have some alternative uses for FC, there is seldom ever a
need for
more than the standard number.	I've seen extra FC only on a couple of
speciality ships (e.g.	Capital ship with lots and lots of needle
Our group often plays with a house rule that sometimes leads people to
extra FC.  We use cards to determine the firing order each turn.  A ship
dedicate a FC to "target tracking", allowing it to place an extra card
in the
deck and thus increasing its chance to fire early in the turn.	FC
to target tracking cannot be used for other purposes, so people
sometimes add
extra FC.  We also use a house rule that dispenses with the class based
fighter launch rules and bases these on a control system.  Ships may
fire control with launch control and each launch control allows a ship
launch one extra fighter per turn (a ship can launch one per turn
launch control).  Using these rules, people will sometimes buy extra
control (same cost/mass as FC)



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