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RE: SG II House Rules - longish post

From: "Glover, Owen" <oglover@m...>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 13:24:30 +1000
Subject: RE: SG II House Rules - longish post

At the risk of running on to boredom (if anyone else is a SG player and
not interested in seeing more on this thread I'll continue as private
emails with Alex)

For the massed firepower, rolling average scores > for the 3d8, 3d10 and
3d12 we get( 3x4)=12 + (3x5)=15 + (3x6)=18 total of 45 divided by 8 = 5
potential cas plus a roll of better than 5 to avoid a third. similar
rolls for three individuals is 4+5+6=15 = 1 potenetial cas and a roll of
better than 7 to avoid a second. Therefore 3 potential cas plus 3
chances for three more. 

However, without the massed firepower the attacker will only ever get
two squads firing (1 Platoon Commander - two actions - two fire combats)
therefore, using similar averaged die rolls, two combats would result in
2 cas plus rolls for 2 more potentials.

Owen G

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> On Tue, 3 Feb 1998, Glover, Owen wrote:
> >	Massed you have dxd8, 3xd10, 3xd12 vs ONE  d8
> > 
> >	One major consequence of the massed firepower is the chance of
> > casualties!!
> Er, that'd be 3 seperate rolls to attack vs three seperate d8 defense
> rolls, as sequential attacks (as a result of Command Actions); on the
> average, with the dice as given, the attackers will inflict /many/
> more
> casualties than they would had they not all attacked together (because
> the
> target squad will have skittered away with all speed as quickly as
> they
> could, perhaps removing the opportunity for second and third squads to
> fire).
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