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From: Brian Bell <pdga6560@c...>
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 1998 19:50:55 -0700
Subject: Re: FT: Excuse my ignorance..

I had the same comment a couple of months ago. Here is an expanded list
that was given me at that time.
Ship Abbreviations

**Information courtesy of Scott Noland (with input from Aaron Teske,
Mark Kochte)**

You might examine a copy of "Jane's Fighting Ships" in the reference
section of your library.  The most common form of ship type notation is
the "English Method".

Here's how it works:

All ships start with a two-letter designation, which designate type and
size, to which are appended 0-2 more letters which refine the mission
and/or propulsion of the vessel.

If the second letter is the same as the first (BB, FF, SS), the ship is
a typical member of its type.  Otherwise, the second letter will
designate a variant size or mission.

The 20th century development of some ship types, notably carriers, has
screwed up the system, and both cruisers and carriers use the initial
letter "C".

For real-world terrestrial ships the first letters are:

F - Frigate
D - Destroyer
C - Cruiser or Carrier
B - Battleship
S - Submarine

Jane's lists the surface ship type abbreviations as (*non-Jane's):

AD  -	 Destroyer Tender
AE  -	 Ammunition Ship
AEFS -	 Fleet Replenishment Ship
AFS -	 Combat Stores Ship
AG  -	 Miscellaneous
AGF -	 Miscellaneous Command Ship
AG/FF -  Frigate/FAC Support Ship
AGOR -	 Oceanographic Research Ships
AGS -	 Survey Ship
AGM -	 Missile Range Instrumentation Ship
AH  -	 Hospital Ship
AO  -	 Oiler
AOE -	 Fast Combat Support Ship
AOF(L) - Large Fleet Tanker
AOF(S) - Small Fleet Tanker
AOR -	 Replenishment Oiler
AOS -	 Support Tanker
APA -	 Amphibious Transport
AR  -	 Repair Ship
ARS -	 Salvage Ship
AS  -	 Submarine Tender
ASR -	 Submarine Rescue Ship
ATS -	 Salvage and Rescue Ship
AVT -	 Auxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship
BB  -	 Battleship
CA  -	 Gun Cruiser
CG  -	 Guided Missile Cruiser
CGH -	 Light Aircraft Carrier
CGN -	 Guided Missile Cruiser (nuclear powered)
CL  -	 Light Cruiser
CLT -	 Light Cruiser, Training
CT  *	 Corvette
CV  -	 Multi-Purpose Aircraft Carrier
CVA -	 Attack Aircraft Carrier
CVH -	 Helicopter Carrier
CVL -	 Light Aircraft Carrier
CVN -	 Multi-Purpose Aircraft Carrier (nuclear powered)
CVS -	 Antisubmarine Warfare Carrier
DD  -	 Destroyer
DG/DDG - Guided missile destroyer (including Surface-to-Air missiles)
DN  *	 Dreadnought
FF  -	 Frigate
FFG -	 Guided Missile Frigate (including Surface-to-Air missiles)
FFL -	 Light Frigate
HSS -	 Helicopter Support Ship
LCC -	 Amphibious Command Ship
LHA -	 Amphibious Assault Ship (General Purpose)
LHD -	 Amphibious Assault Ship (Multi-Purpose)
LKA -	 Amphibious Cargo Ship
LPD -	 Amphibious Transport Dock
LPH -	 Amphibious Assault Ship (Helicopter)
LSD -	 Dock Landing Ship
LSI -	 Landing Ship, Infantry
LSL -	 Landing Ship, Logistic
LST -	 Tank Landing Ship
MCM -	 Mine Countermeasure Ship
ML  -	 Minelayer
MSO -	 Minesweeper, Ocean
TCD -	 Landing Ship Dock

Hope that helps,


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Brian Bell
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