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Re: Computer Full Thrust

From: Christopher Pratt <valen10@f...>
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 1998 18:05:38 -0500
Subject: Re: Computer Full Thrust

i tried to get the FT ship creator program but the link was broken 
I'd really like a copy of that program...

christopher pratt

Tim Jones wrote:
> On Saturday, January 17, 1998 9:31 PM, TJ []
> This is a bit late due to the fact I've been away 2wks (having a baby)
and had
> 580 FT messages to wade through!
> >
> > Ship Editor
> > I wonder why no one has made a program for ship designs.  I've seen
> > the spreadsheets,
> Best candidate to what you describe so far
> See windows 95 ship creator
> >
> > CFT Graphics
> > It would be nice to capture that miniatures feel in CFT, but I don't
> > think it's necessary.  A simple overhead view using a hex based map
> Don't know if we really need hex maps. The best candidate to what you
> so far
> Also there was a Java Full Thrust Battle Computer which was
> pretty good for tactical planning but not graphics rich, no URL?
> >
> > AI
> > Always an issue in computer games.	Most of the space empire games
> > I've seen (Stars! and SE) have "battle logic" or "battleplans" that
> > are programmed by the player.  I'm thinking along the same lines
> > except with a little more detail added.  Of course in a game like
> > you wouldn't need  these battleplans because the player is
> > controlling every aspect of the ships operation.  You could develop
> > what I call Battle Drills that could be used to make the computer
> > play better.  In a campaign game you could use these battle drills
> > automate combat.  A collection of  battle drills covering certain
> > situations would be called a doctrine template.  This is the players
> > warfighting philosophy directly translated into AI form.  The idea
> > to get the computer to fight as if the player was actually
> > controlling the ships.
> The other approach is robot ships (anyone played xpilot). It
> would be quite simple to program a computer to place a ship so that
> its maximum number of its weapons can bear and the minimum of the
> that would make the robots hard to beat in a broadside knife fight.
There are
> some solo play robot rules knocking 'bout
> I like your idea of doctrine templates, they could also be modified
> xeno types.
> >
> > Hope I didn't offend anyone by my ideas.
> Great people talk about ideas, Average people talk about things,
> Small people talk about people.
> sincerely
> tim jones
> --
> Reality is for those who can't cope with Science Fiction.

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