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From: jfoster@k... (Jim 'Jiji' Foster)
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 23:44:15 -0600
Subject: Re: DS2 VTOL vs ADS

At 20:55 1/31/98, Tony Christney wrote:

>This idea I like! It makes sense "scientifically", keeps it simple,
>and doesn't force any major rules changes. The only problem would
>be in the logic of the mirror/gimbal idea. This works fine for
>supermarket style ruby-red lasers, but wouldn't have a chance with
>lasers that don't reflect off of mirrors...

Well, so I'm a bit weak on high-energy laser theory...short folded tube,
solid state lasing unit, whatever. I'll leave the details to those more
scientifically minded. :)

>>Two possibilities: some sort of cost multiplier to a standard ADS to
>>it HEL range potentials, or an (expensive) sensor suite attached to
any HEL
>>equipped vehichle that would allow using the main gun to target
>IMHO, the first option would be the only way to go. The second
>option would change game balance _way_ too much. Imagine a force of
>armed exclusively with class 5 anti-aircraft capable HELs. No aircraft
>would survive past turn one! In fact, such a weapon would be so
>deadly that I doubt aircraft would exist on such a battlefield.

Well, I guess I imagined that a) it would be so expensive that it would
tough to make more than one or two tanks in a company ADS capable and b)
the class of laser wouldn't make a difference (just use standard ADS

>>I'm assuming the to-hit procedure and damamge would not change, the
>>of the HEL system would be soley for increased range. Optional: keep
>>price of the HEL-ADS the same as standard ADS, but use HEL damage
>>procedures: red chits only.
>Again I would have to go with the first idea. How about the following
>(for starters 150% cost):
>BASIC = 300
>ENH   = 450
>SUP   = 600

Sounds good to me. So be it! :)

>>Random thoughts late at night... take or discard as you will.
>Must be student. Who else is writing email at four in the

Eh? That time stamp must be something generated by the list server...I
wrote that last at just shy of 10PM local...

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