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From: jfoster@k... (Jim 'Jiji' Foster)
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 21:49:51 -0600
Subject: Re: DS2 VTOL vs ADS

At 08:58 1/31/98, John Leary wrote:
>     I am not able to find my rules and only remember that (somewhere
>in the dark recesses of my mind) the allow the use of railguns
>against anything that it can see.   I also remember that they
>are considered to have a high volume of fire making them suitable
>for AA work.

A quick scan through the rulebook fails to turn up that bit...the
description of MDCs on page 8 does indicate a high volume of fire, but
nothing about hitting anything it can see. The paragraph below on HELs,
however, does indicate that *they* can hit about anything in line of
plus they have a range of 60". So...

Why not develop an AA unit based on a High Energy Laser? They've got the
range, they'd be quick to aim and track (a mirror on a gimbal system is
main moving part, no bulky turrets or barrels), all you'd need is a
suite sharp enough to pick up on fast-moving targets like aircraft.

Two possibilities: some sort of cost multiplier to a standard ADS to
it HEL range potentials, or an (expensive) sensor suite attached to any
equipped vehichle that would allow using the main gun to target

I'm assuming the to-hit procedure and damamge would not change, the
of the HEL system would be soley for increased range. Optional: keep the
price of the HEL-ADS the same as standard ADS, but use HEL damage
procedures: red chits only.

Random thoughts late at night... take or discard as you will.

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