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Re: Proportional screens

From: lojeck <lojeck@b...>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 16:19:22 -0500
Subject: Re: Proportional screens

> >>	     Does anyone have a house rule for screen generator mass and
> >> being proportional to the mass of the ship the screen generator is
> >> for? If so, how did you work it?
> >well... I haven't done the math yet, but each shield makes a ship act
> >if it has more damage capability then it really does, on the other
> >it only works against beams...
> >if you know anybody really into math and stuff...
> One problem with proportional defences (such as Kra'Vak armor) is that
> it encourages the use of more on escorts and less on capitals. I Like
> idea of screens being a fixed mass such that it is difficult to fit
> on an escort or cruiser.

I think we're talking about two differnet things. unless I read it
the guy who started the thread was asking about shields that get more
expensive the larger the ship gets. I was saying (badly) that I felt it
would be a simple formula based on a % of the ships mass, since a shield
makes a ship act as if it has more damage boxes then it really does.

I don't think we're talking about making shields better on larger ships,
they already are!

Brian Lojeck

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