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RE: Tactics and Doctrine in GZG's Universe

From: Adam Delafield <A.Delafield@b...>
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 05:43:32 -0500
Subject: RE: Tactics and Doctrine in GZG's Universe

Date sent:  16-DEC-1996 10:27:38 

>Hello all,

>I'm working on a scenario (which I plan to present as	PBEM game using
my FMA
>rules) and had a general question. 

>What weapons, defense, and tactics doctrine do you proscribe to the
>power blocs in the GZG universe?  Do all of the powers pretty much use
all of
>the weapons systems?  Do some powers use more or less fighters?  Do
>powers build more escorts or capitals?  Etc....

The way I look at it.


Uses mainly Cruisers backed up by Fleet Carriers as it's only Capital
Ships (Much like American Carrier Groups). Use beam weapons extensively
for flexibility. But has a verity of 'specialist' ships armed for
different roles.


Follows NAC docterin, but uses some Capital Battleships etc. Fewer
'specialist' ships, but often equip a standard design with auxiliary
weapons such as Torps or a Needle beam. Ships tend to be slower than
the NAC equivilant.


Builds Bulk rather than Quality. Low tech beams (C and B) and lots of
them. Lots of Light Cruisers and Escorts backed up by Slow, but
overarmed Capitals, often using AA batteries (Build bigger ships with
'better' weapons for propaganda), but these are only few in number.
Carriers tend to be Battleship Carriers.


A Very small number of very fast vessels. Uses Multi role vessels like
the NAC rather than NAC or ESU specialist. Carriers are

So in summery;

NAC: Fleet Carriers + Heavy Cruisers. Specialist Vessels, Average 

NSL: Fleet Carriers + Battlecruisers. Multi Role Vessels. Poor MV.

ESU: Battleship Carriers + Light Cruisers + some Battleships. Poor MV.

FSE: Battleship Carriers + Cruisers Through to Escorts. Good MV.

>PS  The scenario will be an encounter early in the first Xeno War.  A
>alliance of former enemies meets the mysterious enemy.  Lots of house
>for the Kra'Vak, so there will be mystery aplenty for the humans..... 
>tuned to this space.

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