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Re: Points, Mass and FT3 [FAO MJE-JMT-GZG]

From: Samuel Penn <sam@b...>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 14:53:23 -0500
Subject: Re: Points, Mass and FT3 [FAO MJE-JMT-GZG]

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> I dislike the idea of batteries being 3 arc on small ships. I LIKE the
> idea of a tiny vehicle, just barely large enough to hold its weapon,
> restricted by mass to have a 1 arc fire arc. nowadays there is no
> to do that....

There definitely should _not_ be any rules along the lines of
"an escort can only mount 1-arc A batteries". If you want this
result, then there should be a modifier to the mass of multi-arc
beam weapons, that just so happen to prevent escorts mounting

If there are no 'energy' requirments for weapons, and an 3-arc
A battery is X mass, then whatever has X mass spare should be
able to mount 3-arc A batteries. Anything else just complicates
things, and doesn't make sense within the game.

> > The "A-battery problem" is solvable in a mass-driven system by
> > bumping it up to 4 mass.
> I'd say 5 or 6, but I agree...

5 or 6?!?! I'd say that the problem isn't that the A battery is
only mass 3, but that Cs and Bs are as much as they are. A bats
are about on par with pulse torpedoes (ie X mass of pulse torps
are about equivalent to X mass of A batteries). Bumping A batteries
up to 5 mass would render them practically useless.

Be seeing you,

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