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Re: Kra'Vak house-rules

From: Gary Ballard <gdaddy@m...>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 13:44:44 -0500
Subject: Re: Kra'Vak house-rules

Chad Taylor wrote:
> Hmm, if you go with buying the rounds like the Class 10 Scattergun you
> should allow the C10 Railgun to fire each turn.  You should probably
> the mass of the weapon as well.  I would also suggest that you get
> than one round per mass of ammo bought (probably two).  The only
reason I
> decided on the unlimited ammo method (it would have been kind of cool
> all Kra'Vak large weapons to have ammo) was that ......... will, I'm
> really sure now to be honest :)  I guess I would go Something like:
>	  C10 Railgun  Mass 8	  Cost 40
>	  Ammo	       Mass 1	  Cost	5
>	  Gets two rounds per mass, may fire each turn.
>	  If you think it is unbalanced then lower number of rounds to 1
>	  mass and/or reinstate the one shot every other turn.
> Tell you the truth I was more concerned with the C10 Railgun being
seen as
> not powerful enough.	We actually limit all "spinal-mount" weapons to
> ton ships ("ships of the line").
> Do a comparison though with the other Railguns and see what you think.
> Using the original mass
> from FT you could get three class 3 and one class 1 Railgun for the
> mass as the C10.  That would give you a possible 10 points every turn
at a
> cost of 40 pts.  With the increased mass you get two class 3 and one
> one for possible 7 pts every turn (14 over two to the C10's 10) at a
> of 44 pts.  So far the C10 hasn't really done that much.  Of course
> (Kra'Vak player) rarely splits his fire so whatever ship gets hit by
> C10 usually got nailed with another 80 or so mass of
> Giving it some more thought I think I would agree with the limited
> rounds/one per mass/fires every other turn scenario if the weapon
> is abused.  I hadn't considered (and haven't seen) the C10 being the
> weapon to fire at one ship (Capital) and the rest of the guns firing
> some other target.
> Chad Taylor

I think my thought for balancing the C10 Railgun was more along the
lines of what if someone equips a fleets of the smallest ships possible
with nothing but these guns. Again it isn't a scary perhaps as the fleet
of 100 escorts with nothing but missles and as many of those as they can
get, but still it is scary. My thought was also that there shouldn't be
a single weapon that can cause that much havoc to ships big and small
with its one shot and still fire every turn in the game, no limits.(Or
even every other turn). I haven't played with it, you have so you would
probably know better than me if it is unbalanced. I would also say,
based on the description of the way the thing fires that it could only
be fired when not manuevering, i.e. going straight ahead. I play with
people who don't try to abuse the rules most of the time, but they know
how to cook a system down to optimize forces if necessary.(Comes from
years of points shavings on Gurps :)) I will probably use some of these
rules for the campaign I'm trying to build up. They are good rules, good
enough for me to grab and modify to suit myself. 

Gary A. Ballard
"I'm alive. The rest is negotiable."
			Stephen Franklin
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