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Re: Campaign rules?

From: Mike Miserendino <phddms1@c...>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 13:37:53 -0500
Subject: Re: Campaign rules?

Chad Taylor wrote:
>If it works for you, fine.  I think you are allowing too fast of
>ship construction however.  I suggest that rather than coming up with a
>formula system you instead just guestimate it.  Decide arbitrarily how
>much time you want escorts/cruisers/capitals to take in construction
>then just think up a reason to justify it.  Consider how long (# of
>campaign turns) the campaign will last, how fast you want fleets to be
>able to grow, and how quickly you want a race to be able to recover
from a
>bad battle result (keeping in mind its homeworld could be pressed).
>Doesn't have to be mathematically reasonable, only give the results you
>want.	After all, you can justify anything with a little imagination.

It would seem reasonable to have a base time plus some random number
generated by say a die roll to determine the exact time per ship.  This
would work in campaigns where the actual time to complete has several
determinants that might affect its outcome.  The random amount should be
close per ship in the same type\class, but also some variation with

Example:  (Roll random modifier once per class)

Time to complete: 24 months + 3D6 months.

Time to complete: 18 months + 2D6 months.

Time to complete: 12 months + 1D6 months.

Time to complete: 6 months + 1D6 months.

If two or more of the same class of ship are to built, reduce
time by 1D6 for each ship in class built after the class ship.	I do
the idea of mass contributing to the base construction time, but this is
only a rough idea. The random portion could account for variation in
of critical parts(beam weapons, fire control, toliet paper supply,
war effects, economy, etc.

Mike Miserendino

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