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Re: FT III alternative rules

From: Joachim Heck - SunSoft <jheck@E...>
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 14:42:41 -0500
Subject: Re: FT III alternative rules writes:

@:) As an alternative means of encouraging the use of B- and C-
@:) batteries we tried the adoption of minimum ranges for each class:
@:)  C Battery unrestricted
@:)  B Battery minimum 6 inches
@:)  A Battery minimum 12 inches
@:)  AA Battery we didn't try this but 18 inches would seem about right
@:)	  do you really want to try using it at this sort of range

  We did something somewhat similar:

range ->       0-12 12-24 24-36  
dice|	  C    2    0	  0   
    V	  B    2    1	  0   
	  A    0    2	  1   

  I think - we may have made the Cs do 1 die at short range (can you
tell we don't play often enough?).

@:)   We tried the above ranges in a couple of sessions and they
@:) certainly altered tactics with a closing against the larger guns
@:) with the smaller ships rather than long range sniping.

  We have also seen some altered tactics, but more altered ship
design.  Since that was the point, the new preponderance of C and B
batteries is nothing to complain about.  Anyway, what's happened is
that ships now tend to circle each other at range 12-24 (actually more
like 18-24) which has the advantage of making some other weapons like
needle beams and pulse torpedoes more effective.  On the other hand,
it's not clear that the long-range sniping ability of A batteries is
really worthwhile since it's quite difficult to maintain a range of
24-36 when your opponent wants to close it.  So we have seen a lot of
B batteries popping up.  Actually I guess there have been a fair
number of As still left on the ships so I really shouldn't complain.
It's worked out pretty well for us.

  So were you just going to move all the ranges out by the minimum
range, or what?  If you shorten an A battery's short range by 12", it
doesn't have any short range left and therefore it can't deliver 3
dice of damage anywhere.  That's basically what we chose to do with
them and we've been fairly pleased but I think a lot of people are
less annoyed than we by the typical popcorn noise of FT battles and
they will want to keep their three dice per battery of damage.

@:)	I haven't considered whether minimum ranges would be
@:) appropriate for pulse torps ( probably or possibly allow a
@:) backwash of the plasma explosion to hit the firing ship) or rail
@:) guns (probably not as this is a solid slug).

  I would say yes to the torps but make it pretty short, 6" maximum.
You're probably right about the rail guns.


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