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Space problems: Again.

From: "<Mark Andrew Siefert>" <cthulhu@c...>
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 13:50:06 -0500
Subject: Space problems: Again.

	Some of you might be wondering why there have been no changes to

the FT page lately.  I have been swamped with school work lately and 
exams are just around the corner so very little is going to get done for

a couple of weeks.  However that is only part of the problem.  It turns 
out that I am once again at the limit of my unix account disk space.  
When I look at the total size of my files I see that Mike Wikan's
files take up the most (over a meg in vital disk space).  I was
if anyone would like to take these files off my hands so I can further 
expand the FT page. (I am working hard on my B5 rules, and I have a few 
other files that people have sent me months ago that I want to put up.) 

I'll take the donor who has the most disk space avaiable.  (I don't want
hamstring you to save my butt.) 


Mark A. Siefert
E-MAIL: cthulhu@csd.uwm edu		WWW:
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forgive any spelling and/or grammatical errors for he is also a victim
the American public education system.

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