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Re: Beam Weapons

From: Adam Delafield <A.Delafield@b...>
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 04:27:08 -0500
Subject: Re: Beam Weapons

Date sent:  2-DEC-1996 09:18:43 

>>Do you have your full finalised Star Trek background available yet...

>>Tim Jones

Did a quick playtest or two last weekend (Saturday Night) and found
a problem that I fixed as follows.

>It was not point obsession that drove me to make my A batteries mass 4.
>wanted to alter the character of the ship designs so as to bring in
>ships with B and C batteries and, at the same time, satisfy the
>"accountants" who want to provide their own designs.

The Klingon ships were nigh on invincible. They were shooting too much
and not causing enough damage.

Solution, add 1 dice for all beams (C do 2d6, Bs 3d6 and 2d6 etc) and
6 dice for photons. This not only ups the damage, but it also accidently
fixes the beams.

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